coconut oil as an anti-aging wrinkle face creme

coconut oil as an anti-aging wrinkle face creme

Coconut Oil As An Anti Aging Wrinkle Face Creme

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coconut oil as an anti-aging wrinkle face creme

Coconut oil as an anti-aging wrinkle face creme? For hundred of years coconut oil has been well known used for cooking as well as for therapeutic uses. Even until now coconut oil is being used as an ingredient in skin care, cosmetic and hair products.

Due to the small molecualr structure of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), pure coconut oil is rich in MCTs, it’s easy for your skin to adsorb it to give your skin a soft, smooth and supple texture.

I helps to slow down aging on our skin by fighting off free radicals. Free radicals speed up our aging process by injuring our cells. Virgin coconut oil acts as an antioxidant to ward off the free radicals which will damage our skin resulting in wrinkles forming.


The relatively small molecular structure of MCTs allows for easy absorption into your skin giving it a soft, smooth, and supple texture. It strengthens your skin’s underlying connective tissues warding off lines and wrinkles and supplies healing and repairing properties.

It prevents destructive free-radical formation and limits the damage excessive sun exposure can cause.

It helps rejuvenate the skin by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells. By exfoliating the skin’ surface, it turns-over fresh, new healthy skin.

Coconut oil for skin has the same effect as vitamin E. It is an important antioxidant- our defense system against free radicals.

Free radicals can injure cells and speed up aging, skin diseases, and cancers. The only way to fight free radical destruction is with antioxidants. Virgin coconut oil has superb antioxidant activities to help fight off free radical formation. Product Coconut oil benefits- Coconut oil moisturizer creams It is often used in skin care products and rejuvenation treatments for its skin healing and enhancement capabilities. Many of the anti aging skin care products, such as soaps, body lotions, coconut oil moisturizer creams, sunblock serums, etc. have this oil as one of the main ingredients.

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Anti-Aging Wrinkle Face Cream–Cocoa-Coconut Oil Skin care Mask


Coconut oil can be used with your skin cream or combine with other ingredients for facial masks or body treatments. This easy facial treatment only requires 3 ingredients-
Coconut oil skin care mask Cocoa-Coconut Oil Skin care Mask

    1 T Organic Coconut Oil*
    1 T Cocoa Powder
    1 T Pure Honey

Combine all ingredients together. Apply to face, neck and décolleté. Leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse well.

*Look for hand-extracted organic virgin coconut oil. The best products are best in their untouched forms. Highly processed products that have been refined, bleached and deodorized will not give you the best benefits.

Coconut oil for skin works well as a facial cleanser – it’s a great degreasing agent. Many other healthy benefits include-

  •     Coconut oil is an excellent massage oil
  •     Convenient eye make-up remover
  •     Use in shaving applications
  •     Helps dry, itchy skin conditions and scalp problems
  •     Soothing for rashes, burns and wounds
  •     Coconut butter can be used as lip balm-Soothing for chapped or irritated lips
  •     Conditions scalp and Softens hair
  •     Stimulates metabolism
  •     Improves thyroid function
  •     Anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  •     Stress relieving aroma
  •     Aids in digestion
  •     Coconut oil for skin is safe to use with babies and pets
  •     Effective in treating dandruff as a pre-shampoo treatment

With the amazing benefits of the coconut oil no wonder it’s been used by some culture as the ultimate product for skin and hair care. I think coconut oil as an anti-aging wrinkle face creme is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a natural product to help her to erase years off her face.

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